ESG Organization and Policy




CviLux ESG White Paper

CviLux Code of Practice for ESG


Promotional plans and the results of the implementation

  1. CviLux's "Code of Practice for ESG" is disclosed in the "MOPS (Market Observation Post System)" for shareholders and the public.
  2. The CviLux corporate social responsibility considers the economic, environmental, and social aspects. In line with the Corporate Social Responsibility Code of Practice, CviLux have established a ESG management department which operates with the employee welfare committee to ensure proper implementation.
  3. For the specific planning, implementation, and evaluation, please visit the Corporate Social Responsibility section on the official website.
  4. Other Information
    1. CviLux has conducted detailed supply chain investigations for the purpose of fulfilling the corporate social responsibility in accordance with the RBA. We will not use or purchase any conflict minerals from conflict zones such as the Democratic Republic of Congo. Based on CviLux’s conflict-free minerals policy, we strongly demand the upstream and raw material supplier should not use any conflict minerals from conflict zones.
    2. CviLux places great emphasis on environmental protection, employee safety and health issues. To protect our employees and respond swiftly to accidents, we have implemented employee education and training, all employees will enroll in the fire extinguisher training and evacuation drills in case of hazardous situations.
    3. Regular employee medical examinations with group insurance are arranged.
    4. Regarding harassment complaints, reporting methods, and non-discrimination policies are placed in the workplace to ensure gender equality.