Conflict Minerals Compliance


Conflict minerals refer to minerals mined in situations of armed conflict and human rights violations, especially resources from mining sites controlled by the armed forces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and many other armed rebel groups in eastern Congo. Common mineral deposits include tin (Sn), tungsten (W), tantalum (Ta),  gold (Au)and Cobalt (Co). These minerals are produced in eastern Congo and have found its way into multiple electronics companies after passing through the hands of many suppliers.

CviLux expects our suppliers to comply with the electronics industry code of conduct, and to only source materials from environmentally and socially responsible suppliers. CviLux has taken steps to ensure that our suppliers meet these expectations. However, due to the complex mineral supply chain, we are currently unable to verify the origin of all the minerals used in our products. To this end, CviLux pledges to:

  1. Require suppliers to inform us immediately if any items containing conflict minerals are or have been sent to CviLux.
  2. Require our suppliers to conduct commercially reasonable due diligence with their supply chains to ensure that the minerals used in the items provided to CviLux do not come from conflict areas.