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Release Date : 2018.03.16

【Exhibition】2018/5/24-5/27 SAIGON AUTOTECH


2018/4/25(Wed.) - 4/27(Fri.)   09:00 – 17:00   Saikung Exhibition Center

Range of exhibition

● Parts and components: drive parts, chassis parts, body parts, standard parts, automotive interiors, charging accessories, remanufactured parts

● Electronics and systems: electrical appliances, vehicle lighting, electronic systems, comfort electronics

● Supplies and modification: decoration, car accessories, custom modification, interior and exterior decoration, communication and entertainment, special vehicle assembly and modification, passenger cars, small commercial vehicle trailers and accessories

● Repair and maintenance: equipment and tools for repair stations, body repair, painting and anti-corrosion protection, trailer equipment/vehicle maintenance and repair, waste treatment and recycling, workshop safety and optimization, equipment and management of repair stations and distribution points, lubricants and Lubricant

● Reseller and repair station management: repair station / car reseller / gas station design and construction, reseller management system, repair station management, vocational training and high-level training, repair station and car reseller marketing, Internet transactions Platform and physical car trading market, automobile trade and industry cluster promotion

●Car washing, maintenance and refurbishment: car washing, car maintenance, vehicle refurbishment, gas station equipment

● Alternative energy and digital operation solutions: electromechanical and alternative energy propulsion systems, networked vehicle and vehicle safety, travel services, new service station technology, cluster economic support

●Motorcycles: components and components, electronics and systems, supplies and modification, repair and maintenance, management and digital operation solutions, car cleaning, maintenance and refurbishment

● REIFEN (new tire plate): tires, wheel rims, tire repair, used tires, tire management systems, tire sales and storage equipment

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