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Release Date : 2016.03.18

CviLux launches the new generation Apple HomeKit smart home and the SmartDiaper products

CviLux launches the new generation Apple HomeKit smart home and the SmartDiaper products

From May 31 to June 4, 2016, CviLux will be on the 4th floor of Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, booth M0320



CviLux Opro9 launches the latest Apple HomeKit smart home products in Taiwan. The Opro9 Smart Power Outlet and the Smart Lightbulb Socket will be followed by many great innovative products. With CviLux's having established the iPhone external storage drive, built-in file encryption, and data protection, Apple has authorized CviLux to produce smart home products. The features of Apple HomeKit products: MFi certified application to control the Apple HomeKit products under different brands, OTA (Over The Air) function to continuously update software, durable and lasting hardware, Apple proprietary Bonjour standard to achieve Zero Configuration, Home/Room/Zone/Scenario settings, Siri, remote control over Apple HomeKit products, secure data encryption, privacy protection, self-built applications, and Cloud Service, all of which establish differences and unique features of the products.



Infants and young children who wear diapers for a long time often develop diaper rash and are prone to skin infections; serious infections may even endanger the life of the baby. Simply attach the CviLux-SmartDiaper certified by SGS safety material to the outside of the diaper, it will automatically send a notification to the parents' mobile devices when the baby wets the diaper and affects the diaper's temperature and humidity. An alarm clock and an info-graphic display are used to remind the parents to replace the diaper. The product provides a free application with an info-graphic display and a simple user interface for the parents. The app will provide statistical information of the baby, including daily/weekly wet time, average times, and frequency, for the parents to observe the records and make appropriate care consultations. The wet data is not only convenient for diaper replacement. The parents may also apply the information to our Cloud Service analysis where professional medical and clinical research experts will provide accurate health care data. All the data and information will be protected for privacy. The next step is to cooperate with diaper manufacturers or infant products companies to place advertisements and e-commerce in the application for parents to conveniently purchase related infant products.


CviLux participates in the Computex Exhibition at the Nangang Exhibition Hall for 4 days from May 31 to June 4, 2016.

(Computex Taipei) Welcome to the CviLux Opro9 booth.

Booth No.: M0320 (4th Floor of Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center)





【CviLux Group Information】

CviLux Group is listed on the TWSE (code: 8103) and is an Apple MFi (Made For iPhone/iPod/iPad) qualified manufacturer. CviLux Group has three main businesses: connectors and cables, electronic products, and cloud system integration services. We have six production facilities across Taiwan, China and Laos. We also set up local delivery warehouses and logistics systems in US, and Europe, and the Asia Pacific. With our vision of sustainable management, CviLux Group strive for becoming a multinational corporation. CviLux's products have been sold to more than 80 countries around the world, and we set up offices in many countries for our agencies or distribution system to obtain better resources and to promote products to the global supply chain.


【Press Relations】

CviLux Group

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