About CviLux

CVILUX Group believes that ethical management is virtue. Integrity and transparency are the foremost values in our commercial practices. We do not tolerate any form of corrupt behavior or politicking. Directly or indirectly offer, promise to offer, request or accept any improper benefits, nor commit unethical acts including breach of ethics, illegal acts, or breach of fiduciary duty ("unethical conduct") for purposes of acquiring or maintaining benefits are always forbidden. In order to maintain a fair and clean corporate culture, we devoted ourselves to emphasize this good faith and encourage all of our suppliers to collaborate with us to abide the laws and business standards. Regarding anti-corruption and anti-bribery, we reiterate the following points:


  • We do not accept unusual benefits of "gifts, shopping cards, securities, or other valuables" in any form to avoid conflict interests.
  • We do not stand for politicking over business arrangements or create convenience for relatives and friends.
  • Do not invite our directors, supervisors, managers, employees, or persons having substantial control over CVILUX to a high-end entertainment or hold meetings in tourist attractions or extravagant places when engaging in commercial activities with us.


Whistleblower Protection:

CVILUX does not retaliate against any individual who in good faith reports an actual or potential violation of these rules or participates in an investigation of any reported violation.


Reporting Potential or Actual Violations:

If you have any question or concern about an actual or potential violation of CVILUX’s rules regarding anti-corruption, please promptly notify CVILUX through your business contact or through the following reporting channel:

Cvilux Corporation. Taiwan Headquarters

Contact number: 886-2-26201000#11802 Legal Specialist

Legal mailbox (corruption report) EMAIL: